A little less romantic Valentine's day

In Finland Valentine's day is not that much of a commercial celebration of consumerism as it is say in North-America. Yes, they also sell those red and pink heart-shaped boxes of chocolate here, but I wouldn't say everybody is expecting to get those from their partner. In fact, the day is called ystävänpäivä - 'friend's day' - rather than a day for lovers. Back in the elementary school we used to carry along paper hearts where friends could write nice and cheerful messages to each other and try to break records in how many people we get to hug during the day :) Today (ok, the date changed here already but you get the point) I have been writing greetings to my dear friends, had a long chat in a café with a good friend alongside fresh smoothies, and in the evening I went to a restaurant together with my sister. I am grateful for having so many amazing people in my life!

My Fridge of Fame ;)

But of course all this Valentine's-fuss makes me miss my love even more. Knowing my dear German, I was sure he would not even realise it's Valentine's day. Therefore I was extremely happy when I woke up in the morning to a sweet SMS from my kulta <3 Next year we have to snuggle twice more to compensate the distance between us today!

PS. Our Game of Thrones -themed Valentine's day chat today:

Me: You are my 'Sun and Stars' <3
Him: Now I'm going to say something romantic, like 'Winter is coming.'
My German is insanely romantic :D

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